5 Home Maintenance Projects That Will Save You Money This Spring!

Spring has sprung, but that doesn’t mean it has to get the best of you. While you are going down your spring home maintenance checklist, you can complete a few DIY tasks that can really help you save money as we head into the hot weather in North Carolina.

Spring savings

#1 – Make Sure Your HVAC Unit Gets a Tuneup

Maintaining your HVAC unit will help you enjoy better quality heating and cooling with reduced stress about a breakdown or major repair. And this will also help you save money in a couple of different ways: increasing the efficiency will help reduce your energy bill, and reducing the chance of a major repair translates to a reduction in repair expenses.

#2 – Seal Your Home

You pay for cooled air, so don’t let the outdoors steal it. You might as well push dollar bills through the cracks in your home.

Caulking and weather-stripping are two great DIY ways to help seal your home. When in doubt if an area needs sealing, you can rely on the incense trick. Just light an incense stick and hold it next to the area in question. The smoke will be “attracted” to the leak if there is one.

If you want to really have an impact on battling escaped air conditioning, look into professional attic insulation.

#3 – Check Your Ducts For Air Leaks

This is an area where you’ll have to call in for professional duct repair, but you can do an initial scope yourself. Sometimes, there will be easily visible gaps or cracks in your ductwork if a leak is present.

#4 – Clear Your Downspouts & Gutters

There are many negative consequences of allowing nature to take its toll on your gutter system, including:

  • Pest Infestations
  • Wood Rot
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Leaky Basement

As you can see, the task is simple when compared to the numerous devastating potential consequences. Once each year, make sure your gutters and downspouts are thoroughly cleaned out.

#5 – Get More Comfortable With Your Thermostat

Think about how much energy your HVAC unit uses cooling when you don’t need it to: when you’re at work, when you’re under your blankets, when you aren’t using certain rooms in your house…The list goes on and on. Being aware of these details and setting your thermostat accordingly goes a long way financially.

You can also use a smart thermostat to help you maximize your savings by syncing it with your schedule. An HVAC professional can help you choose the best smart thermostat to meet your needs.

If you need assistance with a thermostat, duct repair or HVAC maintenance, call Comfort First at 800-279-HVAC!