Most of us are prone to excessive worrying when any home equipment fails. More often than not, it’s because we tend to be more reactive than proactive with home maintenance. At Comfort First, we strongly believe there’s a better way! You can skip right past the stress and keep your house working in proper order through establishing a maintenance agreement with a company like ours. For a specified monthly charge, Comfort First can keep things working exactly the way they should be.

Not totally convinced? Here are some reasons that could make you reconsider:

Reduced Lifetime Costs

Staying on top of repairs and general maintenance typically costs less, and reduces the likelihood of unexpected malfunctions — in turn helping your equipment work more efficiently and reducing energy costs.

Keeping Your Warranty

Similar to automobiles, many equipment manufacturer warranties are voided if maintenance has not been conducted by a professional. A maintenance agreement helps ensure you can keep your original manufacturer’s warranty in case of an unforeseen breakdown.

Keeping Your Family & Home Safe

With resources like WikiHow and YouTube, DIY is more popular than ever. Still, a professional will always know how to complete specific jobs in the safest manner possible. Keep your family and home safe by trusting an expert to carry out regular maintenance on your equipment.

Building A Relationship

The more familiar you are with your maintenance company, the better follow-up you’ll tend to see versus hiring a stranger for a one-time job. They’ll also be more prepared to deal with the specific details of your unique home set-up, making problem diagnosis easier and faster.

You Can Worry Less

Regular maintenance greatly reduces the risk getting stuck in the middle of summer with no A/C, or taking freezing cold showers waiting on water heater repairs. It also lengthens the lifespan of your equipment, letting you get the most out of your appliances.

Ready to get proactive about your regular home maintenance? Call 1-800-279-HVAC (4822) and ask our experts why a maintenance agreement could be the right fit for your household.