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Are you spring cleaning to maximize your heating and cooling?

When you hear the term spring cleaning, your HVAC system is likely not top-of-mind. What you're likely thinking about is cleaning out closets, tossing aside junk that's taken over your garage, and breathing new (and fresh) air into your home.

But if you really do want to breathe in that fresh North Carolina air, donating a few bags filled with clothes isn't going to get it done.

Your HVAC system plays an enormous role in how clean your home becomes. Have you ever noticed, for example, that a film of dust coats your room not too long after you've cleaned it?

There's a reason for that: your HVAC system. It's time that our neighbors in Raleigh and Outer Banks kick their spring cleaning up to a whole new level.

Let's get started, shall we?

HVAC Spring Cleaning for your Bathroom and Kitchen

In your bathroom, make sure you clean your exhaust fans once a year (or at least twice a year if you have pets). By cleaning this exhaust system, your fans will actually perform better, and you won't have a bathtub or sink filled with dust.

In your kitchen, you'll want to clean your oven and range to improve their efficiency. But that's not all you can do. Over time, we strongly suggest that you move away from toxic household cleaners and embrace organic, health-friendly products.

Cleaning your North Carolina basement – HVAC style

Moisture is your nemesis. You want to eliminate unwanted moisture from your basement, which can be done with an efficient air conditioning system. Here in North Carolina, most furnaces are located in the basement, so make sure you clean the filter system, blower, and motor.

Your outside A/C unit

If your A/C unit isn't regularly cleaned, then when you turn it on all you're doing is pumping dirty air into your home.

Grab a low-pressure hose and clean out any dirt, debris and grass clippings that might have accumulated around your unit.

A few more HVAC spring cleaning tips for our neighbors in Raleigh and Outer Banks

We'll be the first to admit that you won't be able to completely eliminate dust mites from your home. But you can significantly decrease these mites with a clean filter (which you should replace several times each year).

Also, try adding caulk around your home's windows and doors annually. This will keep heat and humidity out during those hot N.C. summers.

Looking for an even deeper HVAC spring cleaning?

The team here at Comfort First can perform annual maintenance cleaning services for your entire HVAC system. Not only does our annual maintenance checkups help keep your system running optimally and prolong its lifespan, but our checkups allow us to determine and address small problems before they become massive (and costly) headaches.

Contact our team today to learn why we're the preferred choice for all things heating and cooling in Raleigh and Outer Banks.

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