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If your heating or cooling system isn’t working, call Comfort First in Raleigh, NC!

One of the most frustrating experiences any homeowner in or around Raleigh, NC can experience is a heating or cooling system that doesn't work properly. That's because our little neck of the woods endures some pretty wide ranges of temperature throughout the year. During winter months, it's not unheard of for the temperature to dip below freezing, while summers can see the thermostat crest the 90-degree mark. Finding comfort in that type of climate can be a real struggle for homeowners of Wake County, unless they have a heating and cooling system that works flawlessly. But what happens when your system isn't working? You call Comfort First!

Heating and cooling solutions for the City of Oaks

We call ourselves Comfort First for a reason - our number one priority is to ensure our neighbors throughout Raleigh and beyond are comfortable all year long. We do this by being available 24/7 for all of your heating and cooling emergency needs. And, if we can't fix your problem quickly, we'll bring temporary solutions (like fans or space heaters) to help you fight through any discomfort. There are a lot of reasons why your heating or cooling system isn't working properly. It could be the result of a minor issue or the cause could be something far greater. The only true way to tell is to let one of our experienced field technicians perform an inspection. Following our inspection, we'll be able to provide you a list of your possible solutions, so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

But what exactly do we do to keep your family comfortable all year long?

If it has to do with heating or cooling, chances are the Comfort First team can do it. Some of our more popular services in the Greater Raleigh Area include:

Get the types of guarantees you deserve from a heating/cooling specialist

The Comfort First team has a strong and favorable reputation here in Raleigh - we've worked hard to keep our customers throughout North Carolina happy and comfortable. But just because we have a long list of satisfied clients, testimonials and more, doesn't mean that's enough for you to make the commitment of hiring us for your heating and cooling needs. That's why we developed our incomparable 6-guarantees offering, which includes the following:

  1. Home Comfort Guarantee - Where we guarantee the equipment we choose for you is perfect for the size of your home. If your system is not operating as we promised within the first 5 years, and we can't solve the problem, we'll replace the system at no charge.
  2. Home Protection Guarantee - We take all necessary precautions when performing our services in your home.
  3. No Surprises Guarantee - Once the proposal is signed, you'll never pay a penny more.
  4. Anti-Aggravation Guarantee - If your system breaks down within the first year, we'll get it back and running within 24 hours or will give you $500 for your aggravation.
  5. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - You won't pay your balance until you're 100% satisfied.
  6. 2-Year 100% Money Back Guarantee - Within two years, if you remain unhappy with your system, and our efforts to fix the issues, we'll remove your system and refund your investment.

Want to learn more about our guarantees or the work we perform for our neighbors throughout Raleigh, NC? Then call us today to learn more!

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