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Testing the airflow through new ducts should be a standard practice, but sadly it isn’t, which creates many issues. In many cases, we find customers who have had the wrong size ductwork installed in their house. Their systems never had a chance to function properly without problems! When an air duct repair just won’t cut it, we can set you up with a whole new duct system.

Comfort First Heating & Cooling can help you with reconstruction for shoddy or aging ductwork as well as a provide first-time installations.

Signs You Need Duct Replacement

There are a couple of signs that should have you reaching for the phone for an HVAC company immediately, such as visible gaps in your ductwork or no airflow to certain rooms. But a call might also be in order if you notice these signs:

  • Constant Dust – If you clean regularly but still find dust everywhere, there could be a lot of leaky ductwork sucking in dust and expelling it in unwelcome areas.

  • Moldy Odors – Your home’s humidity can eventually lead to mold growth in your ducts. This, along with the dust problem, can negatively affect your indoor air quality.

  • Aging Home – A duct system really only lasts for 10 – 15 years. Any older than that, and you’re probably dealing with a lot of inefficiency.

  • Uneven Room Temperatures – Are some rooms hotter or colder than others? Unfortunately, adjusting the thermostat with central heat and air will only help some rooms. It is very likely a problem with your duct system. It could require a simple repair or be reflective of a much more widespread issue.

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