Reduce Chances Of AC Repairs In North Carolina

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Being without cool air at home during a hot, humid NC summer is not something you want to deal with – especially if you’re spending even more time home these days. As the heat sticks with us for the foreseeable future, your home’s AC will continually work hard to keep you and your family cool…all that hard work means more stress and higher chances of failure for your AC. But you can take stress away with these expert tips from Comfort First – they’ll help minimize the need for AC repairs AND set you up for some energy savings, too!

7 Tips To Help You Avoid AC Failure

1. Place Your HVAC Fan On Auto

Make sure your thermostat’s fan setting is set to “auto”. Here’s why this matters…when the fan is in the “on” setting, it will circulate cooled air around your home. As this happens, the circulated air will grab heat from the air in your attic and bring it back to your living areas…that means it’ll be heating up your home! You may be tempted to turn down the thermostat even more at this point, but it’s really just unnecessary stress on your system, stress that could be avoided by putting the fan into “auto” position.

2.Cool Down With Ceiling Fans

Run the ceiling fans in the rooms you’re occupying. It won’t actually decrease the temperature, but it will make you feel cooler thanks to the air being pushed around. You can set your thermostat a few degrees higher if it feels cool enough with fans running – that will reduce the overall strain on your AC.

3. Book Professional Maintenance 

Have a professional, certified technician lay eyes on your system to see if there are any small problems that could work themselves into more serious and expensive ones later. If there are small issues, our team can offer the proper solution before they get worse. They’ll also make sure everything is running efficiently and will make adjustments and cleanings if needed. Our Equipment Protection Agreement makes remembering your tune-up even easier!

4. 78° Reduces AC Workload

According to the Energy Star program, operated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, 78° is a good temperature setting for those seeking energy-efficient comfort in the summer heat. Staying around this setting will reduce some stress on your AC and can help lower energy costs.

5. Clear Debris Off Outdoor AC Unit

When debris like twigs, leaves and branches get stuck on your outdoor AC unit, it’ll be harder for your AC to keep you cool since airflow is restricted. Take a few minutes to clear away any debris so your unit won’t struggle to work harder than it needs to.

6. Change Out You Air Filters

Air filters that become filled with dirt and dust will hamper your system’s efficient and effective operation. We recommend changing your filters at least once each month to keep air flowing properly. If you let your filters stay clogged for too long, it can lead to your AC stopping totally.

7. Out Of The House? Turn It Up 5°

Raise the temperature by 5 degrees if you’re leaving your home empty for most of the day. This will reduce wear and tear and help cut your energy spending. 5 degrees higher will still be fine for your belongings, plants and pets. When you return, bringing down the temperature 5 degrees won’t be too much work for your system. 

Call Comfort First For Preventative AC Maintenance!

With our maintenance visit, we’ll get your AC ready to reliably cool you and your family all through the summer. Just give us a call at any of our five locations or fill out a contact form. Also, you can connect with a representative through our live-chat service on our website. We’re here to help with your comfort!