Changing Your Filters Will Improve Your System’s Efficiency & Save You Money!

clean filter and dirty filter side by side

While North Carolina may not be notorious for its harsh winters, temperatures can still dip into the freezing range. When it does start to get colder, you’ll want to make sure your furnace is working as it should. In addition to seasonal maintenance checks, you should also be keeping up with your filter changes to keep it in tip-top shape! Check out these three benefits of switching out your furnace filters before the holiday season begins! 

#1 – Save Money

If your filters become too full, they won’t be able to trap harmful airborne particles that pass through your system. This allows dirt, pet dander and other allergy-inducing substances to build up in your heating unit and significantly reduce its working efficiency. Not only will this waste energy but it will also hike up your utility bill! Because your home comfort system accounts for over half of the average home’s utility expenses, you’ll want to make sure you’re saving everywhere you can. 

#2 – Improve Indoor Air Quality

Filters are designed to capture any dust or airborne particles that attempt to pass through your system and into your home. However, there is only so much gunk that your filters can hold! If they become too clogged, your filters will not be able to do their job and will allow allergens to circulate in the air you and your family breathe. Poor indoor air quality can result in symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, itchy watery eyes and trouble breathing! It can also worsen existing respiratory conditions like asthma.

#3 – Increase Longevity

If your system is clogged up with dirt and other airborne particles, it will have to work harder to warm your home; this can cause the furnace to overheat. This may, in turn, cause severe damage and lead to costly repairs or even a replacement! Additionally, if your furnace is constantly in overdrive, it will most likely reach the end of its life more quickly than a clean, efficient system. Save yourself the hassle and get the most out of your unit by making sure to swap out your air filters this month! 

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