You want to know the issue with most guarantees companies promise to their customers? They’re never, well, a guarantee. There’s always some sort of loophole involved; that dreaded fine print that lessens the impact of what it is the company’s guaranteeing.

But you won’t get that here. Not with Comfort First. We stand behind guarantees so much so that we decided to create not one but SIX guarantees for our customers throughout Raleigh, North Carolina and Chesapeake, Virginia.


Your heating and cooling systems are such a huge part of what makes your house a home. Without a heater in the winter, you’d possibly freeze to death. Without an AC in the summertime, you’d likely struggle to find the comfort you and your family deserve.

That’s why it’s vital that you have a fully operational heating and cooling unit throughout the year. But ensuring your systems are operational can be a challenge.

Do you know which unit is right for you? Many times, homeowners have no idea which size or type of unit is right for their home. They rely on the expertise of their heating and cooling specialist, but if the incorrect equipment is installed, often times the homeowner has to incur the cost of a second replacement.

Can you be sure you’re budgeting the right amount for the job? Many heating and cooling specialists quote one price for a job, but then increase that price before the project is completed, because of unforeseen circumstances. How can you know whether your repair or replacement is affordable if you don’t really ever know the true cost until it’s too late?

How do you know this system will work for you? Sometimes it takes more than just a few days to determine whether a heating or cooling system works optimally for your home. Sometimes it takes a full year (or 2), so that you can experience all of Virginia and North Carolina’s fluctuating seasons. Why then can’t you get your money back after a year or 2 if you’re unsatisfied by the functionality of your system?


Realizing that many of our customers had these types of concerns and questions, we developed our comprehensive 6-part guarantee that we feel addresses all of the hang-ups folks typically associate with heating and cooling services. Our guarantees include:

  1. Home Comfort – We guarantee that you the customer do not have to bear any responsibility for the correct equipment size and installation procedures. That’s on us, and if we need to replace our system to meet your satisfaction, we’ll do so without cost to you.
  2. No Surprises – We’ll quote you a price and that’s that. No hidden fees. No unforeseen circumstances. Just a price you can rely on.
  3. Home Protection – Installation of a heating or cooling system can be a massive project. But that doesn’t mean your house should be negatively impacted by our work. We’ll make sure your lawn, home, furniture, pets and more are left in the exact same condition as before we ever arrived, or we’ll pay for the repairs out of our own pockets.
  4. Anti-Aggravation – Within one year, if your system breaks down and we can’t fix it within that same day, we’ll pay you for your aggravation.
  5. 2-Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee – If within 2 years you’re not happy with your new system, or the work we performed, we’ll remove the system and refund you 100% of your investment.
  6. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Rather than pay for the work when we’re done, we won’t accept payment until you are 100% satisfied with the work we did.


Comfort First was built on the premise that our customers deserved to be treated like family. We know what it’s like to deal with costly, inconvenient repairs. We know what it’s like to endure cold winters or unbearable summers. We wouldn’t want that for our families, and we don’t want it for our neighbors throughout VA and NC. That’s why we’ve worked hard to remove the fear and anxiety typically aligned with our type of work.

Come give us a try today and discover why most folks in Chesapeake and Raleigh turn to Comfort First.