We don’t have to tell you how devastating Hurricane Matthew has been for folks along the Southeast coast, including our neighbors in North Carolina. Matthew dumped as much as 18 inches of rain across the state. All that excess water has poured into our rivers, causing the type of flooding that has forced evacuations and has destroyed neighborhoods.

The damage from all the water Matthew left in its wake means communities will be struggling for weeks – and months – to recover.

The Comfort First team feels blessed that our two North Carolina locations – in the Outer Banks and Raleigh – were saved from excessive damage.

However, we’re more than aware that others around us were not so fortunate.

We’d like to take this opportunity to let our neighbors throughout North Carolina know that the Comfort First team is here for you as you recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew.

Water damage can have lasting effects on the integrity of your home as well as your heating and cooling systems. As you begin to rebuild and recover, we strongly recommend that you have your heating/cooling system inspected by a professional.

This inspection will help you identify any damage caused by the hurricane. If the Comfort First team conducts your inspection, then our field specialists will also outline your options for repairing or replacing your system.

We’ll even offer advice on how best to hurricane-proof your heating and cooling systems. Of course, there’s no surefire way to protect your heating and cooling systems from Mother Nature, but being proud North Carolinians ourselves, we have tremendous experience finding ways to minimize risks.


Hurricane Matthew’s destruction reminds us that emergencies happen at any time, on any day. That’s why no matter when you call our office, your call will be answered by a live person, who’ll take your call and respond promptly.

If you do have an emergency, the Comfort First team will come to your home or business ASAP, assess the situation and come up with a fast solution.

Often times, this includes bringing in space heaters or fans to give you and your family temporary relief while we work on restoring the integrity of your HVAC system.


Even without the influence of Mother Nature, your heating and cooling system will break down and age over time. The natural degradation process will eventually make your system less effective and will likely increase your energy bill each month.

The Total Comfort maintenance program can help you avoid all that while protecting your investment. Our Regular Maintenance Agreement will help you enjoy increased energy efficiency, fewer breakdowns, extended equipment life, cleaner indoor air, and even a 15% repair discount.

We know that many of our neighbors are currently fighting to rebuild their homes and communities. We understand your pain; we empathize with your struggle. As your neighbor, we are committed to helping you get back on your feet and return to the life of comfort you and your loved ones deserve.