With A Heat Pump From The Friendly Experts At Comfort First!

Heat Pump

Unlike conventional home comfort systems, a heat pump has both heating and cooling capabilities. This means fewer maintenance check-ups, higher efficiency and lower running costs. They can also help reduce carbon emissions and operate well in climates with mild winters like our very own Tar Heel state. Check out how heat pumps can help keep you comfortable and consider if one may be right for your household!

All-In-One Heating And Cooling:

While many rely on their air conditioner to keep them cool during the sweltering North Carolina summer and a furnace to warm their homes during colder months, a heat pump is an efficient system that can provide both cool and warm air! Only needing to be concerned about repairing and maintaining one system allows you to save on routine tune-ups, installation and other associated costs. Moreover, while it is recommended to schedule bi-annual
maintenance for your heating and cooling systems, heat pumps only need to be serviced once a year!

Consistent Comfort:

You shouldn’t have to avoid certain rooms during the summer because they don’t get enough AC or steer clear of certain areas of your home during winter because it feels like walking into a refrigerator! One major problem many face with traditional HVAC systems is inadequate heating or cooling in one or more rooms. Because air conditioners and furnaces can vary in make and model, one may operate more effectively than the other. However, a heat pump will provide the same level of comfort regardless of the season.

They Save Energy:

Instead of using energy to impact air, heat pumps, alternatively, transfer air from one location to another. This equates to significant savings on your monthly bill! Because heat pumps rely only on electricity, they are much more efficient than gas or oil furnaces meaning you’re not only saving money but resources as well.

Silence is Golden:

Because the heat pump’s compressor is installed outside of your home, these systems are normally much quieter than traditional systems. This means you won’t need to worry about the thumping and clunking of an old or damaged HVAC system while you’re trying to talk to family and guests alike!

If you have any questions about how a heat pump could benefit you or are considering installing one in your home, feel free to give us a call at any of our five locations. You can also fill out a contact form on our website or utilize our live online chat service to speak directly with a representative. We would be more than happy to help in any way we can!