Have A Money-Saving, Energy-Efficient Summer With The Help Of Comfort First!

As May rolls in and the temperature starts to rise, it’s time to start prepping for the hot weather that is on its way to our state. Unfortunately, if you have an older air conditioning system, the energy it consumes may cause your power bills to skyrocket when the temps go up. So not only are you not living green, you’re throwing green money away with high energy bills. 

We at Comfort First invite you to have a GREEN SUMMER when it comes to your home’s comfort! With our services and discounts, we’ll help you not only be green with your energy, but save some valuable green money as well! 

Living Green With A New AC System

You may be on the fence about replacing your current AC system. Sure, it kicked on this spring, but your home isn’t really cooling down the way you want it to, and man, are your summer power bills hard on your wallet. If you are hesitant about replacing your AC this spring or summer because of the price, we invite you to look at some additional financial benefits of replacing your system.  

While a new HVAC is an expense, it is also an investment in your home that will save you each month on your energy bill, especially if you currently have an older unit. With a new energy efficient AC, you can keep cool and save each month on your power bills. As the largest appliance in your home, your heating and cooling system uses the most energy out of all your appliances. Cutting down on the energy usage of an HVAC can substantially reduce your monthly bills for years to come. 

Lower Your Power Bills & Usage

Did you know that when your central air conditioning unit reaches a certain age it becomes much less efficient? Studies have shown that replacing your 10 year old system can save you between 20% – 40% in energy usage. So if you are having to not only repair your older system and your power bills keep going up, it may be well worth it to consider replacing your current system

In addition to saving on your energy bills, with a new AC system you are also saving many pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere from your power company. Every year, power companies release thousands of tons of carbon dioxide and sulfur when powering our homes. When you require less energy, it means less of these harmful products are having to be released and then trapped in our atmosphere. 

Saving Green With Comfort First!

Here at Comfort First, your home’s comfort is our top priority! That is why we offer a number of coupons and discounts on your home’s comfort needs. We want to make sure that you have the best service at the best price possible. 

Right now through the end of May, when you upgrade your HVAC system with Comfort First, you will receive a $750 Trade In Bonus. 

Interested in a new air conditioning system and want to get it installed before the summer heat really begins? We offer complimentary consultations and estimates on replacing your heating and cooling system. Our expert team of technicians will be able to determine what efficiency level system would work best for your home and provide you with the best energy savings. In addition, we offer financing options for your new system in order to provide you with different payment options that will work best for you and your family. 

Just contact our team today at any of our locations to get started. We look forward to helping you have a cooler, greener summer!