Keep Your System Running All Year With Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps have a hefty job. They churn out heat in the cold months and give you cooling the rest of the year. This full-time job requires regular maintenance to go as planned. Otherwise, you might experience a breakdown out of the blue.

Comfort First Heating & Cooling can carefully inspect, clean and tune up your heat pump so that you get great performance year after year.

Expect Great Things With Heat Pump Maintenance

Regular service for your system can bring many benefits, including:

  • Greater Energy Efficiency – Depending on factors such as the age of your system, your maintained system could be up to 25% more efficient than if it wasn’t maintained.

  • Better Indoor Air Quality – We’ll change your air filter if your heat pump needs it, but we will also clean all dust that collects inside that could affect your IAQ.

  • Extended Equipment Life – Premature failures are a serious risk for unmaintained machinery of all kinds, heat pumps included. This affects any brand or type of heating and cooling equipment, so it’s important to have regular maintenance.

  • Less Money Spent on Repairs – Repairs are not only more time consuming than maintenance but also more expensive. We help you save where you can with prevention first.

Our complete system checkup allows you to enjoy these perks to the fullest. We care for your thermostat, electrical connections, compressor, coil and every other part that constitutes your heat pump.

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Why Choose Comfort First Heating & Cooling?

We are chosen as an HVAC company for many reasons that boil down to three main ones:

  • We Care – North Carolina trusts us to do everything in our power to make your situation right or improve things for your heating and cooling. We care about our customers.

  • We’re Qualified – We’re licensed everywhere we need to be and have our technicians trained on the latest in HVAC.

  • Our Services are Guaranteed – We back up all of our services with 100% satisfaction air conditioning and heating guarantees.

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