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Heat pumps are a great investment to get both heating and cooling covered for your home in one system. They are very efficient and relatively cheap to operate. If you currently own one or would like to own one, Comfort First is the company to call on. We have quick, reliable service for installations, repairs and maintenance.

Get the Right Service With Noticeable Results

When we arrive at your house for service, we begin by making sure we keep clean and respect your surroundings. While we are there, we not only perform the physical service you called for, but we also look for opportunities for you to save energy with no extra hassle. Going the extra mile for us means doing anything we see that can help you.
You can rely on us for professional:

  • Heat Pump Installation/Replacement – We make heat pump installation or replacement an exciting process. We’ve got many quality brands to choose from.

  • Heat Pump Repair – If you’re noticing signs such as odd noises or inefficient/absent performance, we can give you an effective heat pump repair.

  • Heat Pump Maintenance – Secure a reliable future for your system with heat pump maintenance.

Every one of our services is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Choose the Company That Cares: Comfort First

Our consideration for customers all over North Carolina has rewarded everyone involved with relationships for life. Our values, hard work and customer appreciation have earned us our various awards, certifications and accolades.

Our values include:

  • Dependability – We always keep our word.

  • Care – Your comfort matters to us.

  • Integrity – We act based on what we know customers expect from a reputable company.

  • Accountability & Responsibility – Your service is always on us, and it is always our responsibility to do it right.

  • Dedication – We’re always there to see your issue through from beginning to end.

  • Knowledge – We pride ourselves in knowing our work.

Call us now at 919-777-1777 for heat pump service you can count on that always incorporates a strong set of values.