4 Helpful Tips From Your Friends at Comfort First

The holidays are undeniably a hectic time of year. On top of shopping for gifts, wrapping them and spreading cheer for months on end, you might want to host a celebratory gathering or two. Unfortunately, even if your decorations are impeccable and the food is restaurant quality, a heating malfunction will most likely have people scrambling for the door! 

Avoid Merry-Making Mishaps With These Holiday Home Prep Tips

Schedule Furnace Maintenance 

Obviously, a broken-down furnace is not something to be ignored. If your guests traveled a significant distance only to find that your heating system is out of commission, attitudes will be just as frosty as the winter weather! Consider scheduling a maintenance checkup before the holiday season begins to ensure any small issues don’t become worse and result in costly repairs or full replacement. 

Replace Your Air Filters

During the holidays, you and your family will most likely be spending more time indoors. If it’s been a while since you last changed your filters, your home’s indoor air quality may suffer. Not only will everyone be forced to breathe stale air, but allergens and bacteria will also be able to build up and potentially get your family sick! Avoid harmful airborne particles by changing your air filters at the beginning of each month, and make sure your holiday season doesn’t come with a side of the common cold. 

Pipe Insulation 

While North Carolina isn’t known for long stretches of below-freezing temperatures, winters here can still have plenty of subzero days! If your plumbing system is not insulated, water within the pipes can freeze and expand, causing cracks and burst pipes! Make sure that areas of your home with exposed plumbing, such as the basement, attic or beneath your kitchen sink, have pipe insulation as these pipes are the most vulnerable to freezing. 

Garbage Disposal: With an influx of guests entering your home for dinner parties and overnight visits, your kitchen appliances will be getting a workout! If you’re preparing a large holiday feast, make sure everyone knows what cannot be thrown down the garbage disposal, including: 

  • Eggshells: The membrane can wrap around the blades and damage them.
  • Animal Bones: Clunky items such as chicken bones can cause your blades to break.
  • Grease: Grease and oil can corrode and damage your system.
  • Corn Husks: Stringy items can wrap around the blades, causing the motor to burn out. 
  • Pits & Seeds: Heavy fruit pits can knock into the blades and damage them

If you have any questions about prepping your home for this holiday season, give Comfort First a call at (800) 279-HVAC. We would be more than happy to help you in any way we can!