What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “heat pump“? If you’re like most people, you have visions of cozy warmth dancing through your head, right? What you likely aren’t thinking about is frost, frigid cold, and, well, the farthest thing from comfort that you could imagine.

But if your heat pump is either broken or functioning poorly, then nightmares of frigidity begin to ring true. With those chattering teeth and goose bumps that have goose bumps comes the inevitable fear: Oh no, your heat pump’s busted! What can you possibly do?

We get it. We’ve been there before. When cold creeps into your home, you begin to think the worst:

  • You’ll never get this heat pump replaced/repaired quick enough
  • If the pump does need to be replaced, it’ll cost an arm and a leg

But before you panic, we encourage you to take a breath (albeit, a cold one), pick up the phone, and call Comfort First. Throughout Chesapeake, VA and Raleigh, NC, we help bring much needed comfort to families and businesses, no matter what time of day or year it is.


One thing we can almost guarantee is that you won’t know you need a new heat pump in the middle of a heat wave. No, more than likely you’ll discover a problem with the pump during the dead of winter, often times in the coldest day of the year.

Sure, some of that is just pure bad luck and unfortunate timing. But there’s a bit more science to it than that. Aging heat pumps have a hard time keeping up with the demand of winter use, particularly when the pumps have to combat arctic-like temperatures.

Of course, aging and faulty pumps show the signs of decay and corrosion long before their performance weakens; but the only way you’d know your pump is on the verge of a breakdown is if you had regular maintenance performed each year (which we’re glad to offer to our VA and NC customers).

Putting aside our plea for yearly maintenance, we know how important it is for you to remain comfortable all year long, which is why we make ourselves available to our customers 24/7/365. That’s right – even on Christmas morning, you know your heat problems can be solved with just one simple call.


No matter the time or day, our customer service team is on-call ready to help you out. They’ll take down your statement, and ask you a series of questions to ensure they’re clear on the problem. They’ll then quickly dispatch the call to our technicians. With technicians located throughout the region, we’re confident one will be able to return your call (and come to your home) extremely quickly.

Once there, the technician will be able to get an eyewitness view of the problem. He or she will assess whether the pump is beyond repair, or if simple on-site work can get the pump back up and running (at least temporarily).

If we conclude that we can’t return heat to your home instantly, we’ll bring in temporary relief (heat fans, for example) as we go over your long-term options.

If we conclude that you’ll need a new pump, we’ll then walk you through all of your options, including financing. One thing’s for certain: our goal is to make you feel comfortable – not just with the temperature of your home, but with the money you have to invest to keep your home warm.

As a leader in heat and cooling technology, we’re able to offer heating solutions that will likely reduce your energy costs, so while purchasing a new heat pump is an investment, we’re confident you’ll reap the benefits each month with your utility bill.


Even if your heating problem requires a rather complex and substantial heat pump replacement, rest assured we’ll find a way to bring heat back into your home in the interim. We treat our customers like we would our families, which is why Comfort First continues to be the most trusted source for Virginia and North Carolina‘s heating and cooling needs.