Avoid System Failure With AC Maintenance From Comfort First

Believe it or not, one of the major causes of HVAC failure is from dirt and debris that accumulates within your unit. Dirt can accumulate over the winter months and cause you problems now that the weather has warmed up.

When summer rolls around, the temperatures in North Carolina can become increasingly uncomfortable and your AC unit will be working hard around the clock to maintain your preferred comfort levels. Although a typical air conditioning malfunction usually just results in a big headache and a few days of discomfort, it can lead to serious health risks if temperatures are high enough. Thus, it’s incredibly important to schedule AC maintenance from a Comfort First HVAC expert before your system is forced to work beyond its limitations.

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Dirt Puts Specific Components at Risk

Important components within your system can become unduly stressed by dirt and grime, potentially leading to sudden system failure. Dirt on the fan blades of your blower can reduce its ability to properly push air across the coils, leading to frozen coils and a disabled AC system.

Similarly, dirt on your condenser coils hinders their ability to cool your home’s air. This means your system has to work that much harder to provide normal amounts of cool air. Coil problems can even lead to failure of your unit’s compressor, which will be expensive for you to repair or replace.

Maintenance Helps You Avoid Trouble From Dirt Buildup

Call Comfort First Heating & Cooling today for expert preventive AC maintenance.

When our professional technicians thoroughly inspect your system, they will clean any built up dirt and grime away and also tighten any loose connections so that your system can run properly. This will reduce your chances of enduring disruptive system failure and subsequent expensive repair bills, and it will also increase your AC system’s efficiency and reduce your monthly power bills.

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