Arm Yourself With Knowledge
Questions to ask Your HVAC Contractor

It can represent a huge hassle and expense when your heating or cooling system breaks, and you may be in a hurry to get it repaired. However, use caution when you start calling contractors. We’ve all heard a story or two about innocent homeowners getting taken by repair service people who do not do the job properly, and we want to make sure that does not happen to you!

Our licensed HVAC contractors have been working in the industry for a combined three decades, so we know heating and cooling better than most of the contractors you will find in the North Carolina area. Whether you choose us or go with someone else, there are a few important questions you should ask any potential heating or cooling specialist:

  • How long have you been in business? If the leaders have been practicing their craft for a long time, they may be more qualified than a contractor who has only recently opened.

  • What makes you qualified to offer services for my home or business? HVAC Contractors should be licensed to provide services, both regionally and statewide.

  • What are your warranties and guarantees? Most reputable heating and cooling contractors will give you a guarantee of their work. If not, this is a red flag.

  • How many jobs have you performed? Sometimes rookies in the business try to present themselves as having more experience than they really do, so it is important to ask.

  • What is your track record? Learning how they handle customer service issues is important. If appropriate, you can also ask for recommendations from other satisfied customers.

  • What if I need help after hours? Some 9 – 5 businesses are not there when you need them, so finding a company who can help you 24/7 is also worthwhile.

  • What kind of equipment or tools of the trade do you have? Reputable HVAC contractors will have a professional van that is stocked with specific tools and parts that can help to fix faulty systems. If your contractor drives a plain white van with no easily identifiable name on it, or tells you that they need money to order parts before they can come fix your system, then this is a huge “buyer beware”.

  • Will I be locked into any commitments? Always read the fine print on any contract with an HVAC company.

You should also read reviews of the company in question, which can be found easily on Google, Angie’s List and other contractor websites. Look at their uniforms and the vehicles they drive. You can tell whether a company is legitimate or not based on their level of professionalism, and always report something fishy to the Better Business Bureau or other authorities if you suspect the contractor might be trying to take you for a ride.

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