Is there anything worse than having your heating system fail on you? Yes, yes there is. And that’s having your heating system fail on you in the dead of winter, when lack of heat isn’t more than just an inconvenience. It can be life threatening. We all know this, yet time and time again people put off servicing and repairing their heating systems. Rather, they wait for the system to break down before they call folks like Comfort First. But that’s a surefire way of placing your home and family in danger of extreme colds and far worse. We strongly suggest that you get your heating systems serviced and repaired before the winter comes – make it a part of your fall tradition – and here’s why.

  • Carbon monoxide leaks – Yeah, when you think about your heating system failing on you, your first thought is about the cold. But that’s just one issue you have to face. Carbon monoxide leaks account for far more deaths in the US than they should, since these deaths (and leaks) can be prevented. In the winter, you not only run your heating system (which produces carbon monoxide), but you keep your windows closed, thus potentially trapping in harmful toxins. Heating and furnace inspections will examine and test your system for any leaks, so that you can go into the wintertime confident that your family is safe.
  • Fire hazards – Leaking gases can cause fires, but so too can dust and other particles that build up in your heating unit. Routine maintenance of your heating system typically includes cleaning away any unneeded debris, thus reducing your chances of an unexpected fire.
  • Stay warm – Who wants to get their heating system fixed in the dead of the winter? That sounds like a terrible idea. Not only is it possible that you won’t be able to get your system fixed right away, but you’ll likely incur higher costs because of supply and demand. It’s possible you could go a few days – or longer – waiting for your heating system to get fixed. In the meantime, you’ll likely have to foot the bill for a hotel, and the lack of heat in your home might cause even more damage to pipes and other vital components.
  • Schedule on your time – The benefit of maintaining a regular service and repair schedule is that you get to have far more control over when the service crew comes to your home. Scheduling an emergency repair is more than costly; it’s also an inconvenience. You work. You have responsibilities. Perhaps you’re planning on going on vacation. All of these obligations are put on hold when you’re forced to schedule a repair in a hurry. Avoid that stress with regular checkups, which allow you to schedule appointments on your time.
  • Become more efficient – When winter rolls in, people tend to get nervous for their wallets. The price of maintaining a comfortable climate in your home can be pricey, and we have little control over oil and gas costs. What you do have control over, however, is the efficiency of your heating unit. A tune-up and service checkup can help your unit run far more efficiently come wintertime, saving you hundreds of dollars, if not more, by the time spring comes along.

We understand how easy it is to put off maintenance of your heating unit. But this is not an if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it sort of thing. You shouldn’t wait until your heating unit is broke before you pay it any attention. Each year, have your heating unit serviced by the experts of Comfort First. That way you’ll avoid the costs and inconveniences of a mid-winter breakdown.