Reviews from our North Carolina & South Carolina Air Conditioning Clients

Thank you Comfort First Heating & Cooling

A previous service provider (M&S) tried to con us into buying a brand new system. Both upstairs and downstairs. American Home Shield (AHS) sent out Comfort First. They checked the one air handler and condenser in question. There was no leak. I signed up with Comfort First for the semi-annual maintenance contract. They just did the full fall maintenance and “everything” was fine. The technician was very thorough, informative, and friendly. Apparently very honest as well. No leaks anywhere in either unit. In addition, the expensive UV lights were in fact functioning and did not need replacing. And, I did in fact have a safety valve in my drip pan. This 12-year old system is fine. I didn’t have to fork over tens of thousands at this point in time. Glad I had AHS as well. Thank you Comfort First.

Tara T. - Charlotte, NC, HVAC Service