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nose with allergens

There are many reasons to look forward to spring: the flowers are blooming, the days are longer
and the weather is warmer! However, one major hurdle that accompanies the arrival of
springtime, especially in North Carolina, is the task of conquering unpleasant allergy symptoms.
While it’s hard to control irritants while you’re outside, there are ways to prevent airborne
particles, such as dust, mold spores and pet dander, from circulating throughout your home
along with the air you and your family breathe!

Are Your Ducts Sealed Properly?

Your ductwork plays a critical role in delivering cool or warm air to your home and keeping your
household comfortable. However, leaky ducts allow affected air to escape into your walls which
wastes energy and could, therefore, cause an increase in your monthly bill! Additionally, gaps in
your home’s ductwork allow outdoor irritants, such as excess dust, to enter your HVAC system
and circulate through your home’s air. If you notice any of these signs, you may want to
consider contacting a professional to see if your ducts need to be sealed or even replaced:

  • Visible gaps or tears in your ductwork.
  • Uneven cooling and heating throughout your home.
  • Excess dust or dirt buildup, especially on flat surfaces.
  • Unusually high utility bills.

The Power of UV Light

While the air filter in your AC unit keeps dust and dirt from passing through your system, mold
spores, airborne microbes and other allergens such as pollen may still be able to evade this
safeguard. UV light greatly reduces the
presence of such pollutants, minimizing allergy symptoms and even providing additional
benefits to people with respiratory conditions such as asthma.  A few problematic particles that
are eliminated by UV light include:

  • Mold spores
  • VOCs
  • Bacteria
  • Microbes
  • Viruses

Media Air Filters

Particles such as pollen can enter your system and build up over time, causing avoidable
damage. Polarized-media filters are designed to magnetically attract irritants and bond them
together, allowing the filter to eliminate even minuscule allergens. This not only keeps your
HVAC system squeaky clean – but the air you breathe, too!

If you have any questions about how to improve your home’s indoor air quality and glide through
allergy season this year, give us a call at any of our locations or fill out a contact form to get started! We would be more than happy to help in
any way we can.