Ductless Mini Split Air conditioning units have various uses in homes, businesses, and large institutions. Typically, they are used for housing areas in which multiple families use the same cooling source. Also, a retrofitted addition can be the reason that people use a mini split system to supplement radiator panels or space heating electrical devices. For smaller rooms or apartments they can also work well as they do not require much installation of additional ducts.

Mini splits are divided into two main parts: a compressor and an air-handling part. The compressor (also called a condenser) is seated outside while the air-handling unit remains inside. An electrical circuit connects the power cable with the tubing and runs between the indoor and outdoor parts. There can be a number of benefits to mini splits. First of all, they are small and easily manipulated to fit in small rooms. This means that multiple indoor units can be connected to the outdoor unit – allowing you to have control over different sections of your home. Depending on your insulation, the thermostat will allow you to individually adjust temperature settings, saving you money and time.

These types of systems also require less installation expertise than other kinds. The three inch hookup that connects the inside with the outside simply requires a hole to be cut through the wall. You can even locate your unit indoor away from the wall at a length of 50 feet or more as a result. Imagine the power of cooling your entire space with one central unit.

Of course, because they are ductless, you won’t lose energy through holes in the ductwork like you might with traditional styles. Compared to other kinds of systems that can be added on, they are very flexible. The hangers that support the inside units can be placed on walls, ceilings, or anywhere that takes nails and screws well. Typically ranging from 5 to 7 inches, a standard unit comes equipped with a protective jacket and a remote system that allows you to adjust its settings from a distance. There are a variety of air conditioning units on the market. It might be overwhelming to make your choice. However, if you are considering a ductless unit, the mini split variety is a perfect way to condition your home so that your family is comfortable and still maintain low costs and energy efficiency. For businesses, the math promises benefits also.

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